Request Processing Associate

Location: Philadelphia, PA


Our Large Litigation Team handles all duties associated with processing
requests for Complex Litigation/ Mass Tort cases. These cases have multiple
plaintiff's and pressing deadlines. Primary duties of this position include,
but are not limited to, verifying, coding, entering, authorization
completion and subpoena preparation. In addition, the team is responsible
for submitting orders to online copy services for the whole data entry
department. Team members also correspond with firms and providers daily
via telephone and e-mail.


Including but not limited to:

  • Printing all incoming orders and coding them correctly in the system.
  • Responsible for reviewing all documents and authorizations submitted with requests, to ensure they are HIPPA compliant, not expired and will be accepted by the requested providers.
  • Responsible for researching, verifying, and entering all orders
  • Collate and scan paperwork into the system
  • Fax and/or mail requests to the providers
  • Processing and researching return mail
  • Handling all incoming faxes. Responsible for printing, logging and separating them.
  • Handling all the requests on the appropriate portal
  • Reviewing records and sorting thru documents for additional information
  • Proofreading and editing subpoenas and supporting documents
  • E-filing 


  • High School diploma is required as a minimum level of education.
  • Candidate should have one year experience with customer service experience in a call-center environment communicating with customers.
  • Understanding of the medical record retrieval process for legal requests is preferred.
  • Complete knowledge of Microsoft Word.
  • Ability to manage stress related to demanding timelines.
  • Effective time management.
  • Ability to multi-task assignments.
  • Ability to be prompt, courteous and professional with external and internal clients.
  • Problem solving and analytical skills.

Physical Demands:

  • Must be able to sit, type and use the computer for extended
    periods of time

To Apply:

Please fill out the application below. Please put "MCS Request Processing Associate" under Position and select "Records & Reporting" from the drop down menu as the business unit you are applying to.