The MCS Group offers RelativityOne as a standalone cloud solution or, in some cases, along with an on-premise installation of Relativity, allowing clients to seamlessly manage a portfolio of cases. A single sign-on provides access to on-premises or cloud-based case data, and integration with Office 365 simplifies the movement of Office documents and emails to Relativity. RelativityOne was built in the Microsoft Azure cloud so clients are able to take advantage of things like:

  • High availability – RelativityOne was built in Azure data centers which provide multiple levels of redundancy and high availability in multiple locations.
  • Data security – Microsoft Azure data centers are ISO 27001 certified keeping your data safe and secure
  • International reach – easily expand international with Azure data centers all over the globe
  • Elasticity – RelativityOne will be able to quickly scale up and scale down to meet the needs of any case
  • Constant improvement As a partner of Microsoft, RelativityOne has been interwoven into the Microsoft service fabric. As Microsoft improves on its public utility platform, RelativityOne also improves in areas such as better stability, efficiency, performance, and security.
  • Office365 Integration - Using Relativity Legal Hold and Preservation in Place, your Office 365 data never has to leave the Microsoft cloud allowing for an efficient and secure workflow to get to reviewing quicker!  

Bring Your Own License

  • Do you have your own R1 license and need help managing it? - As a Silver Partner of RelativityOne, we are well suited to help you manage all aspects of your R1 environment, including data management, case management, and user support.  

Data Security

  • Secure Coding - We adhere to a secure software development life cycle, and all our developers are required to take courses in security awareness and secure coding.
  • Rigorous Testing - Code is reviewed with security as a top priority before it’s checked into our source repositories, and we perform recurring and exhaustive penetration tests.
  • Encryption Everywhere -High standards of cryptography apply to all data in RelativityOne—within data centers and between RelativityOne operators, for data at rest as well as in transit, and at every endpoint.
  • Innovation and Security, Together - The RelativityOne security team collaborates with our engineers to ensure security is central to feature design, and we’re vigilant in patching emerging vulnerabilities in any third-party infrastructure components.
  • Data Backups - We back up SQL data every 10 minutes and files daily, and we test our backups monthly. The infrastructure supporting RelativityOne operations is backed up automatically.
  • 24/7 Monitoring - The Relativity security team continually monitors each RelativityOne instance for suspicious events with help from more than 60 specialized indicators, such as log-on events, creation of new users, and alerts from Azure anti-malware.
  • Your Data in Its Own Space - RelativityOne is yours and only yours, with data residing on dedicated instances on isolated network segments with credentials unique to each.
  • Layers of Authentication - RelativityOne supports OpenID Connect and SAML2 protocols, two-factor authentication, and single sign-on.
  • Certifications - Relativity is both ISO 27001 compliant and SOC 2, Type II compliant, and invests relentlessly in processes and technology to best protect customer data. Visit Relativity Trust to learn more about the company’s comprehensive security protocols.

Software as a Service

  • Automatic upgrades which means you get access to the latest and greatest features as soon as they’re released
  • Continuous improvement – so there is minimal impact to your work when issues arise
  • Rapid innovationbecause you’re upgraded on a more frequent basis than a traditional on-prem model, you’re able to take advantage of the latest features faster
  • No infrastructure hassles – you can get up and running quickly and never have to worry about the pains of managing infrastructure
  • High availability and redundancyWith RelativityOne being a SaaS solution, backup and recovery are built in at no additional cost to ensure minimal data loss in the event of a disaster
  • No backend management required – The RelativityOne back-end is fully managed, tuned, and supported so you don’t have to worry about it
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