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Accurate, Cost Effective, Secure

A Simply Better Way to Review

With Inspired Review, MCS found a partner who is genuinely passionate about the science of Pic1.jpgdocument review. Inspired Review understands that not all document reviewers are created equally. They take the time to obtain valuable information on review candidates including their average speed, accuracy, and past experience, which are instrumental in finding great reviewers. Furthermore, Inspired Review has developed testing software for their document review candidates to undergo prior to any project. The reviewers are rewarded and incentivized based on accuracy and efficiency.

Pic2-224335-edited.pngMCS and the client are given access to an online dashboard, providing an accurate background and rating of any particular document review candidate Inspired Review proposes for your project. The dashboard contains essential background information and metrics on each of the contract attorneys including:

  • Where they attended law school
  • Their past case experiences
  • A measurement of how accurate on average they review documents
  • Their average review speed


Inspired Review's Review Managers and Review Methodology maximize quality, efficiency, and defensibility. Their review centers employ industry leading data security and facility security standards. Projects are frequently completed ahead of schedule and under budget. 

Bandwidth and Flexibility

Inspired Review is rapidly expanding just adding 500+ seats in the last year and now has five review centers including:

  • Washington, DC (400+ seats; Specifically designed to accommodate HSR Second Request Matters)
  • New York City, NY (150+ seats)
  • South Florida (150+ seats)
  • Frankfurt, Germany (50+ seats)
  • Secure Remote Review, anywhere but always secure. We have tested and found the very best reviewers across the nation are ready for you via our Remote Review offering

Extended Services and Options:

  • Reviewers can go on site with a client for any length of time
  • We provide translation services
  • Tested foreign language document review attorneys for international cases
  • Contract resources


  • We offer per document pricing as well as hourly review rates. Prices vary based on the geographic location of the resources.
  • Secure Remote Review is an incredible option for the most cost sensitive cases.



Benefits Include:

  • Aligned attorney & client incentives
  • Risk management
  • In-depth QC methodologies
  • Predictive coding & TAR expertise
  • Low-cost review model with cost predictability

For more information, download our Document Review brochure.

Document Review