Laboratory Support Services

Laboratory Support Managed ServicesMCS has provided exceptional service to our medical, life science and pharmaceutical clients for over 15 years. Our extensive knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), drug development lifecycles, clinical trials and the FDA submission process enables organizations to take advantage of a multitude of services from laboratory assistance and equipment cleaning, to the packaging, transporting and shipping of materials.

Our team has been certified for OSHA and International Air Transport Association (IATA) guidelines for the safe and proper handling, storage, packing, and shipment of hazardous materials (HAZMAT).





Benefits Include:

  • BBP (Blood Bourne Pathogen) Hazard Awareness Training
  • Material management & reconciliation of lab supplies & solvents
  • Development of SOPs for safe handling practices
  • Vendor-Supplier management & coordination
  • Managed autoclave operations
  • Internal lab waste collection & log management
  • Hazardous gas cylinder management
  • Hazardous packaging & shipping
  • Class 7 radiation handling & shipping

For more information, download our Laboratory Support brochure.

Laboratory Support