Social Media Discovery

Social Media Discovery & Web Collection

Social Media Discovery eDiscovery Digital ForensicsUsing industry-leading investigative solutions, MCS is able to effectively address social media content from the most popular social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. However, we do not stop at just social media. MCS can crawl, search and capture content from websites, webmail and even YouTube.

MCS is able to provide a case-centric workflow from search and collection through production in searchable native format, while preserving critical metadata not possible through image capture, printouts or raw data archival of RSS feeds.



Features & Benefits Include:

  • Data collected & indexed from social media streams, linked content and websites through APIs, webmail connectors and direct web navigation.
  • Data collected in real time, in a highly scalable and case-centric manner.
  • MD5 hash values of individual items are calculated upon capture and maintained through export.
  • Automated logging and reports are generated.
  • Key metadata unique to social media & web streams are captured through deep integration with APIs provided by the publishers.
  • Broad, unified searches across multiple accounts, social media streams & websites.
  • Linked content is automatically indexed and searched.
  • Maintain data in a searchable native format from collection through production.
  • Complete platform to address social media in the same manner as devices, e-mail and e-documents.
  • Collected emails delivered in PST format while maintaining hierarchical structure.

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