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Thoughts on Relativity's New Pay as you go pricing model

Posted by Stephen Ehrlich on February 13, 2020

Are you looking at Relativity’s pay as you go model?  If you are a decision maker for your law firm or corporation, or even a vendor trying to figure out what’s next, you are definitely looking at this model to stay relevant and competitive, as well as cost effective.  The next question you should be asking is whether your company is a good fit for this model.  Some questions you might want to ask yourself:

Are you already a Relativity provider with RCA’s on staff to be able to handle the work?  If not, who is going to setup workspaces, create users, permissions, load data, build indexes, do productions and all of the other work that goes into the care and feeding of a Relativity workspace?

How about bandwidth?  Do you have the necessary bandwidth to get that 500GB of data from your environment to the cloud?  What will your firm or client tolerate to get that data up there?  Do you know the effects that the upload tools will have on your network?

Ok, so $10/GB sounds great, how do I manage my data efficiently to make sure I am minimizing costs even more?

If I’m a Relativity provider or using a vendor – does your PayGo environment have all the tools that I am used to having in my existing environment, are they even compatible?  Think Veritone, Brainspace, or your favorite translation software...

What happens when the engagement is over, and you just want to ARM the case?  Can I easily move the case out of Relativity if I need to? 

All of these are basic questions you should have the answers to before you go and jump into the deep water that is RelativityOne.  Even if you are looking at a longer term deal where you pay up front, you should be working with a vendor that can help you navigate the waters of R1.  As early adopters of RelativityOne, MCS has the experience necessary to guide you through the early days of your implementation, migration, and set you up for success.  

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