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    Cutting-Edge Solutions for the Legal Industry

    Your Premier Legal Outsourcing Company

    MCS Group specializes in liberating law firms from administrative burdens, allowing lawyers to focus on their legal expertise. We provide comprehensive, cost-effective outsourcing solutions that streamline operations and enhance legal team coordination.

    Women-Led Legal Solutions
    Diversity-Driven Expertise

    Women-Led Legal Solutions

    At MCS Group, our diversity is our strength, especially in the legal arena. Our women-led team brings a variety of perspectives that enrich our legal outsourcing services, from litigation support to facilities management. This diversity of thought and experience allows us to provide innovative, inclusive solutions that meet the dynamic needs of law firms and legal departments.

    About Our Approach

    Specialized Legal Support Services

    MCS Group is your preferred legal outsourcing company and partner — providing comprehensive support, from technology solutions to managed services, built to enhance efficiency and legal process optimization.

    Legal Tech Expertise
    Scalable eDiscovery Solutions

    Streamline your legal discovery process with MCS Group’s scalable eDiscovery solutions, offering flexibility and precision for every legal challenge.

    Secure Retrieval
    HIPAA Compliant Record Retrieval

    Ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your legal records with MCS Group’s secure, HIPAA compliant record retrieval services, accessible through MCSDirect.

    Mailroom Efficiency
    Streamlined Mail Management

    MCS Group’s mail management services offer streamlined processes and advanced technology to securely handle and distribute legal correspondence.

    Document Management
    Efficient Copy, Scan, and Print Centers

    Enhance your law firm’s operations with MCS Group’s trusted mail and copy/scan center services, designed to support busy legal environments.

    Information Governance
    Records Management Expertise

    MCS Group provides robust records management and information governance services, ensuring your legal documents are systematically organized and easily accessible.


    Focus on Law, We Handle the Rest

    At MCS Group, we understand the pressures you face. Unburden yourself from back-office and administrative tasks, and refocus on your legal expertise and client relationships. We’re here to streamline your operations and manage the details, so that you can focus on what matters most.

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