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Relativity's new Aero interface - Are you ready?

Posted by Stephen Ehrlich on July 14, 2020

LegalTech 2020 seems so far away now, doesn't it?  But it was there that we caught our first glimpses of what Relativity's new interface, called Aero, was going to look and feel like.  People asked questions, we saw a bunch of amazing new features, and the launch felt like it was still very far away.  With Covid-19 looming and overshadowing anything, it was hard to focus on something that was so far out in the future, with the immediate uncertainty of what was going on in the actual world.  Now we look up, and it's July, and good old Relativity has been cranking out the code and getting ready for this release in Q3 2020, which even non-Relativians know what that means, and it is RelativityFest.  

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Active Learning from Relativity Brings eDiscovery Into the AI Era

Posted by Stephen Ehrlich on January 7, 2019

Document review has come a long way since the days of sitting in warehouses surrounded by mountains of boxes. The advent of eDiscovery harnessed the power of technology to allow attorneys to review documents more thoroughly and efficiently via online document review platforms like Relativity. Now, Relativity has changed the game once again, using the power of AI and machine learning to truly bring document review into the digital age with the introduction of a powerful new application called Active Learning.

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The Rise of Autonomous Vehicles and How They May Change the Business of Shipping

Posted by Jack Caulk on June 12, 2018

Thanks in large part to Hollywood images of the rise of the machines, people have long been fascinated by the idea of artificial intelligence. While we may be far from robots taking over the planet, we’re starting to see some real-life advancements in AI, particularly in the area of autonomous vehicles.

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