The MCS Group Announces X-ray Viewer Capabilities in MCSDirect

New capability makes sophisticated scans such as X-rays and MRIs available for online review and more

PHILADELPHIA – OCTOBER 10, 2018 – The MCS Group, Inc., a national provider of outsourcing solutions, announced today the company has added X-ray Viewer capabilities to their online record retrieval platform, MCSDirect.

“Medical records are integral to many types of legal cases, from personal injury lawsuits to complex class actions,” states Stephen Ehrlich, chief information officer at The MCS Group. “While retrieving traditional medical records and files is often a rather straightforward process, sophisticated scans like X-rays and MRIs can add unforeseen complications and slow down a case. That’s why we added X-ray Viewer to MCSDirect. Now, sophisticated medical scans are available for retrieval and review during eDiscovery.”

Medical service providers and laboratories export X-ray images in a format called DICOM, which is standard throughout the industry. However, law firms and others outside the medical industry do not usually have viewers capable of handling DICOM files. MCS has state-of-the-art technology and the equipment necessary through MCSDirect to efficiently and cost-effectively digitize film X-rays and transfer them to an online repository for easy and secure viewing, without having to invest in expensive software and systems.

Features within MCSDirect’s X-ray Viewer include:

  • Annotations – the ability to save, highlight, load and add annotations on the DICOM image, including:
    • Graphic Notes – icons inserted in the image in freehand or as shapes such as ellipses, lines, rectangles, polylines or polygons
    • Image Measuring Tools – such as ruler, polyruler and protractor graphics
    • Text Highlights – using text pointers, highlighters, strike out, underline and stamp annotations
  • Viewing – the ability to see the image while zooming in or out or rotating it 90 degrees
  • MRI Sequencing – the ability to play all the series of instances of the DICOM object

More information on MCSDirect can be found at

About The MCS Group, Inc.

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