The MCS Group, Inc. Announces Partnership with Inspired Review

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PHILADELPHIA – The MCS Group, Inc., a national provider of outsourcing solutions, announced today their strategic partnership with Inspired Review, a Managed Review firm providing document review to the eDiscovery community.
“We care about our client’s ability to take eDiscovery from collections through the review stage with one vendor,” said MCS CIO, Stephen Ehrlich. “MCS has carefully selected a partner with a unique, efficient methodology with experience supporting large scale matters.”
As a leading Managed Review provider, Inspired Review offers a flexible approach to Managed Review pricing by tailoring the review and pricing structure to fit the unique needs of each client. MCS’s per-document pricing provides cost predictability, negating the risks associated with potential cost overruns on review projects, while comprehensive quality control processes minimize the risk of any privilege or material documents being released through statistical, targeted searches and validation techniques.
"It is with great pleasure that we have come together with MCS, to become a powerhouse duo with innovative models to shake up the Philadelphia eDiscovery and Document Review Market," said Mike Dalewitz, Founder and CEO of Inspired Review. A Philadelphia suburb resident, he adds, “it is amazing to bring our advanced workflows home to support the local economy and provide attorney employment."
Document Review is now available through MCS, adding yet another service offering to the surplus already provided including eDiscovery, digital forensics, trial technology, and more.


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