MCS Adopts Milyli Software Redaction Tool Blackout

Milyli blackout redaction tool MCS Press Release


PHILADELPHIA – The MCS Group, Inc., a national eDiscovery service provider, announced today the adoption of Blackout, an automated redaction application for Relativity from boutique software firm Milyli.

"By eliminating the need for manual redaction, Blackout users have seen huge reductions in the cost and turnaround time for review, as well as having more confidence that 100% of sensitive information has been redacted," said Steve Ankenbrandt, CEO of Milyli. "We're excited that The MCS Group has chosen to add Blackout to their arsenal of cutting-edge eDiscovery technology and services."

Based on pre-specified criteria, the tool makes the review process faster and more efficient by automatically redacting documents, reduces the margin of error by allowing the user to carefully configure rules for redaction and has a thorough QC process directly built-in into the review workflow, giving confidence in accuracy.

The automated tool has the ability to upload 100,000 rules at once, and works around the clock to meet review deadlines with progress indicators providing up-to-the-minute information on all jobs.

Blackout also allows the user to resolve mismatches or issues with OCR that the program brings to your attention within the review layout. The fuzzy matching feature for word or phrase rules that might be prone to OCR errors will automatically redact those terms, further automating the process and allowing reviewers to focus on other important matters.

MCS offers Blackout to Relativity users as a great tool to maintain HIPAA compliance through the discovery process.


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About Milyli

Milyli is a boutique software development firm dedicated to helping eDiscovery professionals do more with less. Milyli has been working with kCura’s Relativity platform since 2008, building custom solutions for many of Relativity’s customers and using that expertise to develop three innovative Relativity applications - Blackout, Broadcast, and Delegate. To learn more about our products, visit For more information on Relativity customizations, visit