Frequently Asked Questions



Is MCS a national company?
Yes, MCS has a network of regional offices that service all 50 states.

How is MCS unique?  
MCS differentiates itself by:

  • Strength of management serving clients with 40 years of experience.
  • National network of offices.
  • State of the art technology to handle any type of litigation support or volume of work.
  • One resource to provide solutions for any claim or litigation outsourcing requirement.

Is my data secure with MCS?
MCS data centers are SSAE16, SOC audited facilities. A security white paper is located here.


Records & Reporting

Will MCS assign me a dedicated Customer Service Representative?
Yes, all of your communications with MCS will be with one representative. This dedicated associate will be responsible for supervising all of your requests and can be contacted by phone, email or fax.

How long does it take to get records?
With a HIPAA compliant authorization, the average turn-around-time to get records is 10 working days. Obtaining records with a court subpoena delays the turn-around-time to  30 days due to the restrictions imposed with the rules of civil procedure of most states.

Does MCS abide by the copy fee laws of each state’s regulations?
Yes, MCS has a complete database of each state's regulation governing the fees for copying records.

How will MCS deliver the records?
MCS has the ability to deliver the records in two formats. The first is by bound hard copy and the second is through our secure repository with a company issued user name and password.

Can MCS consolidate invoicing by client?
Yes, MCS can provide consolidated invoicing to a law firm, insurance company or other legal entity on a monthly basis. 

Does MCS supply their clients with management reports?
Yes, MCS can send a report to let our clients know of the usage and dollar amount for all services rendered. Further, MCS can provide a cost savings report to identify the cost effectiveness of our service.

Does MCS give status updates?
Yes, through our proprietary MCSDirect portal, MCS provides real-time status for all assignments showing each stage of the retrieval process.


Technology Solutions

Does MCS have it's own license of Relativity?
Yes, MCS has been a licensed provider of Relativity since July of 2014.

Does MCS have Relativity Certified personnel on staff?
Yes, MCS puts all of its project managers through Relativity training and also prepares them for certification in their area of expertise.

Where is your data center located?
Philadelphia, PA

How do I get the data to MCS?
There are two ways to get data to and from the data center: ship the physical media or transfer it electronically. Our data center is in Philadelphia, PA and we can receive media 7 days a week. For electronic data transfer (similar to FTP), we have invested in an integrated data-transfer technology that allows our clients to transfer data at speeds in excess of 20 GB / hour.

How can MCS help our organization with Technology Solutions?
Please visit our services pages for specific ways we can help. If you don’t see the service you are interested in listed, feel free to contact us so we can discuss potential ways to work together. We are always finding new and innovative ways to bind technologies and processes together and help our clients.

Is my firm assigned a dedicated Project Manager?
For the most part, you will be working with the same person for all of your projects, but there are instances where another PM or Analyst will be assigned to a specific project. Either way, you will always know who the “owner” of any given project is and will be able to communicate with that person directly.