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MCS kCura Relativity Hosted Review

MCS provides hosting solutions for matters of all sizes and complexity-from a quick linear review of small and standard datasets, to very large and complex datasets. MCS project managers work closely with you to customize a review solution that supports the nature of the particular matter and the needs of your case team:

  • Simple web-based interface
  • Streamlined case organization to locate matters and documents
  • Quick retrieval, viewing and annotating of image files
  • Multi-level tag foldering; multiple database search capabilities; and multiple records selection - drag and drop tagging
  • Over 70 foreign languages stored and search; on-the-fly translation
  • Flexible security supports document sharing among parties
  • Integration with leading repositories

Highly Efficient Review Process

MCS's robust technology provides your team with the benefits of a quick and efficient review process. Run complex searches across both metadata and text in just seconds. With MCS, your litigation team spends more time reviewing documents and preparing its case and less time idle. Further efficiency is provided through:

  • Analytics support - intelligent grouping of documents in the dataset
  • Auto-assignment - assigns documents to reviewers based on pre-set rules

Track & Automate Workflow

Powerful reporting capabilities offer case team leaders and administrators with the tools to track review progress. Use these features to gain a snapshot of review activity and then make adjustments that will improve workflow throughout the team. Unlimited custom reporting capabilities are available to support the information requirements of your team's leadership.

Relativity Review Platform

MCS is also proud to be a RelativityOne Silver partner. As a leading eDiscovery service provider, MCS has integrated the Relativity eDiscovery platform to deliver feature-rich capabilities for web-based document review and analysis.

Relativity allows users to create and automate custom workflows, make use of a complete set of text analytics capabilities, and build custom applications within the software to manage all types of information associated with a case. Additionally, Relativity Assisted Review magnifies the efforts of review teams by allowing them to train Relativity based on their expertise.

Each Relativity database is tailored with customized fields and layouts to meet the unique needs of each case. In addition to customizable templates and a wide variety of flexible tagging, highlight, redaction and reporting options, Relativity has the power of advanced analytics to enhance review workflows to deliver results quickly and accurately.

Relativity allows us to:

  • Utilize metadata and extracted text for basic searches
  • Text analytics further reduces document set
  • Familiar relativity interface reduces training and maintenance
  • Reduced cost due to text-only import to Relativity

Bring Your Own License

  • Do you have your own R1 or Relativity license and need help managing it? - As a Silver Partner of RelativityOne, we are well suited to help you manage all aspects of your R1 environment, including data management, case management, and user support.  



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Benefits Include:

  • Flexibility
  • Simple web-based interface for fast, easy review
  • Built for managed review
    • Batching
    • Multi-level review
  • Customizable interface
  • Foreign language support - over 70 languages
  • Intelligence
    • Email threading
    • Foreign language identification
    • Similar document grouping
    • Near-duplicate detection
    • Assisted Review
    • Active Learning
  • Complete production capabilities
  • Multiple platforms
  • Multi-level tag foldering; multiple database search capabilities; and multiple records selection
  • Flexible security supports document sharing

For more information, download our Hosted Review brochure.

Hosted Review