The Importance of Third Party Claims & Litigation Support

Identifying the Pitfalls of Traditional Discovery & Reaping the Benefits of Utilizing a Partner

Companies are aggressively seeking proven ways to reduce allocated claims and litigation expenditures while increasing efficiency. This process for many companies begins by attempting to reduce expenses incurred and time used during case discovery.

While companies attempt to cut costs by implementing time and billing restraints on their outside counsel and claims staff during discovery, many companies fail to realize the hidden pitfalls associated with traditional discovery practices. This may increase expenditures and delay the discovery process. The use of a third-party partner who specializes in claims and litigation discovery support can alleviate expenses and wasted time attributed to these hidden pitfalls.

This paper will provide you the information necessary to identify these potential pitfalls within your own claims and litigation discovery process, as well as help you to understand the benefits of third-party support.