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What to Expect from a Claims & Litigation Support Vendor

Posted by David Bean on October 25, 2017

Companies are aggressively seeking proven ways to reduce allocated claims and litigation expenditures while increasing efficiency. They often focus on attempting to reduce time and expenses for the discovery phase of a case.

While companies try to cut costs by implementing time and billing restraints on their outside counsel and claims staff during discovery, many fail to realize the hidden pitfalls associated with traditional discovery within their own company that can delay the process and increase costs. Working with a third-party partner specializing in claims and litigation discovery support can alleviate pain points – including cost and time constraints – that may otherwise go unseen.

It’s important to have your current company discovery processes evaluated by an outside resource so you can identify any behaviors that add both time and expense during discovery. When working with an outside claims and litigation support vendor, you can expect:

  • Controlled discovery expenses.
  • Accurate discovery timelines – tasks are correct the first time.
  • An outside partner to handle the entire process – freeing your claims staff and outside counsel to focus on the case.

In addition to managing the process, your support provider should give your team and your outside counsel tools that enable them to collaborate and work on a case cohesively. This should include providing a secure portal and repository for all electronic data relevant to the case. You should have a partner on your side who has the expertise and knowledge to assist you in all of the following areas:

Record Retrieval

The process for properly and efficiently collecting records can be complicated. There are different requirements for different jurisdictions, requests have different processes and follow-up to claims is very important. Your partner should provide a proven process for handling all aspects of this process and for collecting records in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Court Reporting

Scheduling and coordinating depositions can be difficult, and being able to coordinate all parties involved may prove challenging. Your expert should be able to remove the pain points in this process. You also want someone on your side who has relationships with many agencies, ensuring you get the best talent at the best price.


With eDiscovery, it’s critical to have a trusted partner on your side. Trying to do eDiscovery in-house is challenging. Your in-house staff have other things they should be focused on, and using someone not specific to this trade can lead to delays and missed deadlines. When you find the right partner, it will manage all aspects of an eDiscovery project for you.

There are many benefits to using a third-party partner when dealing with claims and litigation discovery. For more, read “The Importance of Third-Party Claims & Litigation Support”white paper available now.