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Utilizing Digital X-rays to Enhance Your Medical Records Review

Posted by Stephen Ehrlich on August 13, 2018

Medical records are integral to many types of legal cases, from personal injury lawsuits to complex class actions. While retrieving traditional medical records and files is often a rather straightforward process, sophisticated scans like X-rays and MRIs can add unforeseen complications and slow down your case.

In cases involving very old injuries, you may still be dealing with traditional films, but more often than not in today’s technological world, X-ray review involves digital systems and images. While the digitization of X-rays and the ability to burn them to a CD may seem like they would make retrieval and review easy, unfortunately it’s not always that simple.

Medical service providers and laboratories export X-ray images in a format called DICOM, which is standard throughout the industry. What isn’t standard, however, is law firms and others outside the medical industry having viewers capable of handling DICOM files. That means that, even if you’ve obtained a CD of X-ray images, you still might not be able to open them or view them the same way they would look in a doctor’s office. The proliferation of spyware and viruses has also made it increasingly more difficult to ensure that you can safely open a CD from an outside source without the fear of compromising your own systems.

In response to these hurdles, the medical industry is seeing a shift toward secure online sharing of medical images like X-rays. The ability to view the X-rays online eliminates the problems of file distribution and software incompatibility, while adding additional patient privacy protections. But even with these advancements, retrieving and reviewing complex medical records and images can be a time-consuming and expensive process.

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