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Relativity's new Aero interface - Are you ready?

Posted by Stephen Ehrlich on July 14, 2020

LegalTech 2020 seems so far away now, doesn't it?  But it was there that we caught our first glimpses of what Relativity's new interface, called Aero, was going to look and feel like.  People asked questions, we saw a bunch of amazing new features, and the launch felt like it was still very far away.  With Covid-19 looming and overshadowing anything, it was hard to focus on something that was so far out in the future, with the immediate uncertainty of what was going on in the actual world.  Now we look up, and it's July, and good old Relativity has been cranking out the code and getting ready for this release in Q3 2020, which even non-Relativians know what that means, and it is RelativityFest.  

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Features to Consider for an ED Project Management Tool

Posted by Stephen Ehrlich on June 21, 2018

Anyone who undertakes eDiscovery knows the challenges that can be involved in keeping track of all the moving parts that are involved in these complex projects. A good eDiscovery project management tool that tracks the progress of your matters from inception to conclusion can go a long way toward making sure that things run smoothly and reducing the potential for error.

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Topics: eDiscovery, Project Management