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Smarter Document Review with Relativity Analytics Tools

Posted by Stephen Ehrlich on June 28, 2018

Document review is one of the most time-consuming yet important tasks in the practice of law. When faced with huge volumes of unstructured data to review, and very tight timeframes in which to review it, many law departments turn to experts like The MCS Group to find practices and tools that can help streamline the process and more easily bring the most crucial information to light.

Relativity, a long-time leader in the eDiscovery field, has developed Relativity Analytics and Assisted Review to help busy lawyers get to the core of their data in a fraction of the time and truly understand what needs to be reviewed. Incorporating visual data analytics and machine learning technology, Relativity Analytics offers reviewers conceptual searching functionality that works off broader ideas and concepts, as opposed to traditional narrow keyword searches. With Relativity Analytics, lawyers can search for records using conceptual blocks of text, identify similar and conceptually correlated documents, cluster groups of similar documents for easier review, quickly eliminate non-relevant documents, uncover patterns and trends in data, and identify inconsistent coding during the QC stage.

Analytics is changing the face of modern document review, and eDiscovery thankfully no longer has to be a burdensome process. Law departments can now access the tools necessary to improve their eDiscovery workflows and complete their document reviews with increased efficiency and fewer errors. The MCS Group is proud to be a Relativity Best in Service Partner, offering its clients the most intuitive and cutting-edge eDiscovery solutions, including Relativity Analytics and Assisted Review.

Partnering with Relativity is just one more way The MCS Group, a Women’s Certified Business, is helping law departments experience excellence in eDiscovery and all stages of the EDRM. Contact us today to learn how analytics can streamline your document review workflows and transform your eDiscovery practices.

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