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Integrating Your Records Retrieval Experience

Posted by Stephen Ehrlich on April 24, 2019

Most record retrieval service providers in the U.S. currently have web portals that can be used for things like ordering records, downloading records and checking status at a basic level. Some of them have their own in-house, developed portals; some use the popular MR software, which is as close to off-the-shelf record retrieval software as you can get.

Another method has become more and more popular as the age of APIs and cloud-based software comes into its own is integration. Most firms use some type of case or matter management software. All of their case data is secured inside of this matter management software, searchable and available. They develop their legal forms using this software and manage all forms of communication within it. Integration with these platforms has become a very important component of how record retrieval services are delivered. If you are not already using an integrated service, ask your case management software provider about what it can offer in the way of integration. Chances are, your record retrieval company has already developed or can easily develop one.

For those of you not familiar with this type of setup, consider the process of placing a request. Under normal circumstances, you might print something from your matter management software, then open the record retrieval provider portal and rekey all the data. If you are lucky, you might have two monitors and copy and paste between them. With an integration, all you have to do is check off a few boxes and click a button and the request goes directly to the provider.

Ask your matter management system administrator about integrations. They can simplify your life and make your job easier.

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