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How to Add Value to Your Mail Services

Posted by Nick Staffieri on October 24, 2017

The mailroom is often the least thought about department within a corporation, but it’s really the lifeline of the organization. Mail centers can be complex, providing document and electronic communication to every department and branch of the company. For this reason, it is an extremely important part of the organization and needs to be given the thought and resources to ensure it has a streamlined process, reducing cost and improving service timeliness and accuracy.

How do you do this?

First, look for a partner with expertise in this field. You need highly trained professionals who understand industry benchmarks, as well as postal automation, mail production and related technology to design and implement a mailroom management and workflow solution to uniquely support your business. When assessing a potential partner, here are some things to look for:

  • centralized or decentralized mailroom management
  • complete interoffice mail distribution with enhanced mail delivery procedures
  • inbound and outbound shipping processing
  • presorting USPS for rate reduction
  • mass mailing insertion and fulfillment
  • courier dispatch

Working with a company that can evaluate your current process – the service levels, staff and systems – can go a long way toward highlighting weak areas you didn’t even know you had. From that evaluation, it should be able to recommend a solution for your organization and customize its offering for your specific needs and workflow.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can partner with experts for your mailroom needs, contact us now.