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Five Things to Expect from Your Record Retrieval Partner

Posted by Andrew Maloney on February 16, 2018

Professionals in both the legal and the corporate communities must have accurate and complete records on hand and easily accessible at all times. But, procuring these records can be frustrating, time consuming and costly if you are not using the right support partner. When considering your record retrieval provider and their process, there are certain considerations to keep in mind to ensure your records can be obtained as quickly, efficiently and economically as possible:

  • Does your support partner provide adequate responsiveness? During the process of your record retrieval requests questions will inevitably arise. Because your time is valuable and you need answers as soon as possible, you should expect a response to any questions in no more than an hour.
  • Make sure your support partner knows the rules of civil procedure in your jurisdiction to ensure timely request processing.
  • Make sure you will have access to an online portal that provides real time status updates so you can always know the state of your request.
  • Ask about the technology and security they have available for you. Will your records will be hosted in a secure repository that has the tools you will need to work on and manage your documents electronically?
  • Do you have a dedicated account manager that understands all your support needs and the importance of obtaining your records? Make sure you will have a point person dedicated to you and your team that has the expertise to help effectively manage your record requests.

Having the right support partner on your side will give your team the advantage it needs to settle a claim or secure a favorable verdict. You need to have a partner on your side that will deliver critical records with the highest level of quality, reliability and expertise.

If you find that your current partner does not meet the above criteria you may be putting your chances of securing a favorable case outcome in jeopardy. Collecting your records in a quick, efficient and economic manner is imperative to laying the ground work for a successful case. Without obtaining records quickly and efficiently you might find yourself unprepared for depositions, arbitrations or trials, which can not only cause delays, but unfavorable outcomes in your cases.

With 35 plus years of industry experience, MCS has been obtaining records for clients on a national basis, and does so with the brand promise of providing quick, efficient and economic service to clients. If you find yourself looking for a support partner that meets your support criteria and provides a value to your cases, then MCS is a great fit for you! We handle the complete process of obtaining, copying/scanning and delivering your critical records at the highest level of quality and confidentiality.

Contact MCS today to learn how you can partner with us for your record retrieval support needs.

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