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Ensuring Security in your Record Retrieval Process

Posted by Dan Dillett on April 23, 2018

Retrieving and storing important records is a routine step in the litigation cycle for most insurance carriers and self-insured organizations. Have you ever stopped to wonder, though, what’s being done to safeguard those records after your defense counsel or record retrieval company receives them? Do your records ever get sent to experts or adjusters over regular email? What happens to your records after the case settles?

The records you need to retrieve often contain highly sensitive or confidential information, and more to the point, information that is subject to HIPAA regulations. Penalties for HIPAA violations can range from $100 to $50,000, per violation.

Failure to comply with the strict security standards set forth in HIPAA and other regulations governing protected health information (PHI) exposes your company to unnecessary levels of risk. Even if your law firms are using a record retrieval service, it’s not safe to assume their process and technology is fully compliant.

To keep your record process compliant with these regulations, a qualified record retrieval partner will host all records on a secure web portal, with 24/7 access and unique account identifiers. The portal will incorporate regulatory-compliant encryption software, firewall configurations, and anti-virus protections.

The portal will also enable secure collaboration on records with experts that might be outside of your organization or law firms. Back to the point about email mentioned above, sending PHI such as medical records over regular email is a violation of HIPAA. Rather than trying to verify your defense counsel’s consistent use of compliant email encryption, it’s far simpler to use a qualified records provider that enables secure sharing of records.

A qualified records provider will also provide adequate physical security at the server locations. These locations will have state-of-the-art power systems, restricted access, intrusion detection systems, 24-hour monitoring and surveillance, as well as the fire and environmental controls necessary to protect against natural disasters.

MCS has been a recognized leader in the record retrieval industry for nearly four decades. Our experts will ensure that your records program complies with all the latest regulations, and that your documents are always secure and available when you need them. Contact us today to learn more about how MCS Group can help you experience excellence in all aspects of record retrieval.

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