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Why aren't you using MFA for your eDiscovery tool?

Posted by Stephen Ehrlich on August 2, 2022

In today's cybersecurity landscape, one of the easiest ways to help secure your login accounts is by using Multi Factor Authentication, or MFA.  

With MFA in place, not only is a username and password required to access secure systems, but an additional step is required where a code is sent to a separate device, usually your mobile, which then must be entered along with your username and password to complete the login or access process. Even if you already are using MFA with your company's digital assets, if you are using a cloud based eDiscovery tool, your login is not protected by these safeguards.  

Most eDiscovery providers, such as RelativityOne, provide the means to enforce this for your logins.  There are a number of methods that can be deployed for MFA, such as native MFA through the tool, or integration with third party authentication tools like Microsoft Azure AD or Okta.  

In our research there are some eDiscovery providers that do not provide this functionality at all, or you have to email a support ticket to activate it.  If you are utilizing eDiscovery tools, ask your provider today how to employ this very simple method for adding a layer of security to your sensitive data.