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eDiscovery goes Mobile

Posted by Stephen Ehrlich on December 19, 2017

Today’s lawyer is a mobile lawyer. Gone are the days when attorneys sat behind desks in offices for hours on end. In the digital era, lawyers need the ability to access their work from anywhere, at any time. Document review and eDiscovery are no exception.

Document reviews that revolve around long hours of digging through dusty boxes in dark warehouses are a thing of the past, and having to be tethered to your computer is quickly following suit. Relativity’s platform revolutionized the way eDiscovery was conducted, and now the company is changing the game again by allowing document review to go mobile. With the launch of the Relativity Mobile App for iOS, eDiscovery professionals can now review their documents from their iPhones or iPads, just as they would on their traditional computer screens. Every feature of Relativity’s useful platform now goes where you go and is tailored to how you work – you get the same review platforms, document views, and coding panes, that you’re used to seeing in the desktop version, right on your mobile device.

A long-time leader in eDiscovery solutions, MCS Group is also proud to be a Relativity Best in Service Partner. MCS will be enhancing its already-robust document review hosting solutions by incorporating the Relativity Mobile App into its service platform, bringing reviewers one step closer to being fully mobile.

Increased mobility is just another way that MCS Group can help you experience excellence in eDiscovery. Contact us today to find out how MCS can help you with all your document review needs.