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E-Discovery Tools - ShareFile - Part 3 in a 3 Part Series

Posted by Stephen Ehrlich on September 17, 2018

Part 3 of our three-part series on litigation support tools focuses on ShareFile, a secure, cloud-based content collaboration platform. ShareFile is such a robust and customizable solution that there are hundreds of ways professionals in the legal industry employ it. One of the most common uses is during the discovery phase of litigation when all information must be shared with counsel on both sides. The data may include production data, videos, recordings, photos or contracts. The sizes of these files can go to the tens of hundreds of gigabytes. ShareFile enables users to easily manage and share this data.

ShareFile is also very practical in a mobile environment. Attorneys are always on the go and working from multiple locations. The ability to pull up a document anywhere, securely, is an extremely helpful way to stay productive 24/7.

All of that said, there are literally hundreds of applications out there that perform these two basic functions. What sets ShareFile apart is the apps within the app and the ability to embed ShareFile functionality into other applications. For instance, you can set up a form in ShareFile with data fields and establish the ability to upload files to various folders. This is extremely convenient when you have to quantify what is being sent. These forms can exist as stand-alones or be embedded on a webpage to blend into places your clients are already used to going.

Print to ShareFile is another great little app that can be installed on your desktop, which you can access to very easily create PDFs that will go right into ShareFile. How simple is it to send out an email to a client to request files with a link they can click on to put the files right into the folder where you need them? It makes everyone’s life easy.

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