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Active Learning from Relativity Brings eDiscovery Into the AI Era

Posted by Stephen Ehrlich on January 7, 2019

Document review has come a long way since the days of sitting in warehouses surrounded by mountains of boxes. The advent of eDiscovery harnessed the power of technology to allow attorneys to review documents more thoroughly and efficiently via online document review platforms like Relativity. Now, Relativity has changed the game once again, using the power of AI and machine learning to truly bring document review into the digital age with the introduction of a powerful new application called Active Learning.

Active Learning uses real-time intelligence to continuously update the cycles of documents to be reviewed during eDiscovery, based on the review strategy you’re employing in a given case. As your reviewers code documents, those coding decisions are taken into the Active Learning model, which uses that information to better select relevant documents to move to the top of the reviewers’ queues. The more your reviewers code, the more accurate the process becomes, because Active Learning continues to gain a better understanding of the case’s most important issues.

Conducting eDiscovery with the assistance of Active Learning allows you unrivaled flexibility and integration with all the features and analytical tools of the robust Relativity platform, boosting both your efficiency and your accuracy. Your reviewers see the most relevant documents sooner, so you can develop and adjust your case strategy faster to get to the issues that matter most in your case. New Elusion validation testing also gives you confidence at the end of a review that no relevant documents have been missed. And because Active Learning handles the bulk of the administrative work associated with document review, including setup and the batching of documents, you and your team can devote your time to the work that matters most, serving your clients.

The MCS Group, a Women’s Certified Business, is a recognized leader in eDiscovery and a proud Relativity Best in Service Partner, offering its clients the most cutting-edge Relativity eDiscovery solutions, including Active Learning. Partnering with Relativity is just one more way that MCS helps law firms and legal departments experience excellence in eDiscovery and all stages of EDRM. Contact us today to learn how Active Learning from Relativity can revolutionize your eDiscovery practices.

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