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    February 12, 2024

    2023 HR Department of the Year Nominee: Our Purposeful, People-First Approach

    For the past 26 years, the HR Awards have recognized HR professionals for the growth and change they produce within their organization. In 2023, MCS Group was listed alongside an inspiring class of organizations nominated for HR Department of the Year in the Delaware Valley region. 

    Check out our nomination here: HR Awards


    The MCS Difference

    What makes our culture unique? MCS views the HR department as a profit center, not an overhead expense. Grow your associates to grow your profit — that’s our people-first model. To grow our associates, we lean on the principles of servant leadership and our unique distinctions. We feel the best leaders are listeners and learners with the core values of integrity, accountability, and responsiveness. 

    As educators, HR guides our employees and managers to our culture. We trust in the concepts of the internal customer theory. i.e. If we deliver quality to our associates, they will deliver quality to our clients. This has been the hallmark of our success. 

    The Nomination Process

    What led to our nomination? Associates feel the power of positivity and the impact of increased engagement. In the past twelve months, HR implemented a new HRIS system, health and wellness program, management empowerment series, women in business networking series, and employee engagement channel. 

    The onboarding, recruiting, and document management processes transitioned to electronic, and we’ve repositioned ~50% of our staff from onsite to remote/hybrid. Further, the team expanded our benefits package without increasing the cost of our coverage. In a recent survey, employees recognized the culture efforts stating, “The company is investing in our growth and development” and “I appreciate the effort MCS has taken to be more inclusive”. 

    What’s Next?

    As MCS enters year two of its culture strategy, we still have a lot to accomplish. This includes the implementation of a DE&I program and the rollout of a new associate handbook. With each new training, product, benefit, communication, etc., we keep our mission top of mind. If the associates don’t feel empowered, rewarded, energized, or heard, then we revisit the approach. Our intent is to support the whole person, not just the 9-5 worker.

    Our nomination as the 2023 HR Department of the Year underscores MCS Group's commitment to a people-first approach, recognizing our innovative HR practices that foster growth, inclusivity, and empowerment within our organization. This accolade highlights our dedication to nurturing a positive, engaging workplace culture through strategic initiatives and a deep commitment to our associates' development and well-being

    We invite you to learn more about our innovative HR practices and join us in shaping a workplace that truly reflects our core values. Get in touch with MCS Group to explore how our people-first approach can make a difference.

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